The Top Reasons to Consider Cremation

If you choose cremation for a deceased loved one, you likely have your reasons for doing so. People choose this option for many different reasons, and in recent years, it has become even more popular. 

Are you trying to decide if cremation or traditional burial is right for your loved one who passed? If so, consider some of the top reasons to choose cremation, which can be found here. 

It’s Affordable 

Generally, cremation is a more cost-effective option than burial. In fact, you can expect it to cost around 40% to 50% less. Just consider all the elements of a traditional burial, which include:

  • Purchasing the plot
  • Embalming 
  • Headstones
  • Funeral service fees
  • Cemetery maintenance
  • Caskets

In most cases, caskets are much more expensive than urns, even unique and customized urns used for ashes. Also, you can find more options with urns compared to coffins. 

More Time to Plan Memorial Services 

Another benefit of cremation is that you and your family will have more time to plan the deceased individual’s memorial service. A traditional burial will have to be done quickly, making the planning and grieving process seem rushed. 

Cremation Is Simple 

With traditional burial, you must make a lot of decisions. Some people don’t like the idea of their funeral or the funeral of a loved one being a big production or show. If you choose cremation, things can stay simple, understated, and quiet. 

An Eco-Friendly Option

Today, you can find eco-friendly burial options. While this is true, most people view cremation as an eco-friendly option compared to traditional embalming or burial. That’s because this requires the use of chemical pollutants, such as arsenic and formaldehyde. 

Burial Land Is Overcrowded 

While this may not be as apparent in larger countries, in smaller areas, space is minimal. Since land is limited, cremation allows you to preserve more land for the living instead of the dead. 

Ability to Be Buried in or Near a Family Plot 

For many people, being buried close to family is essential. Unfortunately, many plots are full. While some cemeteries may be able to provide room for caskets, others cannot. While this is true, burying cremation urns holding ashes is possible in otherwise full plots. 

Remain with Family Members 

Many people choose to keep urns and ashes at home with them. For this, you can purchase classic ceramic or art urns. Today, there are all types of beautiful and unique vessels to keep a loved one with you. 

Easy to Take from Place to Place 

Selecting someone’s “final resting place” can be challenging for some people. With cremation, you don’t have to worry about leaving deceased loved ones behind. They can travel with you, no matter where they go. 

As you can see, cremation offers more than a few benefits. Being informed is the best way to know if this is right for you or for someone in your family. While you have options, if you are on the fence, cremation may be a smart move.