Wood Urns Made In The USA

Wood Cremation Urns Made In The USA

About Us

Mary and I started Celebration Urns USA in 2003. We are passionate about finding you the right wooden cremation urn to honor your loved one. We offer the highest quality wood urns handmade in the USA. Our skilled craftsmen are working hard in Oregon to make one of the best products you will see on the market. 

Our Products 

Every solid wood urn you purchase at Celebration Urns USA has a unique style, color and theme. We have quality hardwood urns that will fit your budget, classic urns, inspirational, 3 dimensional artwork, laser engraved themes, urns for those who served in the military and companion or couples urns designed for 2 people. We have taken some time to list some of the unique qualities of each wood that we use below. 

Walnut Cremation Urns

This is by far the most popular choice of wood by our customers and for good reason. Solid walnut urns are from a rich lustrous heartwood that ranges from light to dark brown to chocolate brown with a unique grain pattern.

Walnut wood is rich and warm in color. Walnut is a fine grained hardwood which is well suited for a very smooth finish. The 3D Inlay Hummingbird Urn is one of the best sellers in this color. 

Oak Urn Box

This is a strong, durable wood with an attractive light color with a prominent grain seen in high quality furniture. There are over 60 varieties of Oak trees growing in the USA.

The same oak tree can have many different colors throughout so the urn may vary in color to some degree compared to the pictures you will see. Also worth noting that oak will change color somewhat over the years. You will find many choices of oak wood urns throughout our website. 

Natural Cherry Wooden Urn

Natural cherry wood is a smooth grained, reddish brown hardwood and is renowned among woodworkers for its color and aging process. Starting out as a light pink color, it darkens over time to a rich reddish hue. Cherry wood urns have a smooth and closed grain. There are several contrasting grain patterns depending on the growth of the tree. You will find this choice of wood mainly in our Laser Carved Urns.

 Mahogany Cremation Urns

Mahogany urns can range in color from brown to red, to orange or a blend of all three. The solid mahogany wood grain is usually in straight lines that are pure and perfect. The color will darken over time and displays a reddish sheen with polished.

Its polished classic look denotes a richness that is hard to ignore and is a unique choice. You will find this wood choice mainly in our 3 dimensional inlay urns and "The Bilbe" wood urn, a very unique urn shaped like a book. 

Maple Wooden Urns for Adults

Maple wood can range in color from nearly white to an off-white cream color. The grain is usually straight but can be wavy with a fine, even texture. You will find this urn in our 3 Dimensional Urns and a few other places. 

Cherry Wood Urns for Ashes

Our cherry wood urns are made with the natural cherry wood with a cherry stain. The Majesty Chest Urn is one of our classic wood urns. 


Our rosewood urns are made with natural cherry wood with a rosewood stain. 

Cedar Cremation Urns

A unique wood with various grains and a natural cedar aroma make this urn unique. You will find cedar wood urns in our Budget Friendly Collection

Bamboo Urns

Bamboo is an economical source of strong wood. Bamboo has a very high compression strength and tensile strength. Bamboo is green when cut and yellow to brown when fully dried. You will find bamboo wood urns in our Classic & Inspirational Urns category.