What Is an Urn?

A cremation urn is a container used to hold cremated remains. Usually, these are made of plastic, metal, or ceramic. When the funeral home gives you your family member’s ashes, and if you do not purchase an urn before the cremation, the remains will probably be given to you in a metal container, wood urn, or inexpensive bag. You can keep your loved one’s remains in this container or purchase a more unique urn.

Keep reading to learn more about the urn, what they offer, and why they are used.

It’s Just a Container

Put simply, an urn is a container. It is a capsule, vessel, box, etc., that holds the remains (commonly called ashes) after cremating your loved one. If you want something simple, you may choose to use a coffee can or bag. You can also make an urn from paper mâché, ceramic, or wood.

You can also find all types of customized urn options. These can be made into virtually anything you want or need.

It Isn’t Necessary to Purchase Urns from the Funeral Home

The funeral home may be slightly “pushy” when it comes to buying an urn. However, this is not required. When you don’t purchase this urn from the funeral home, they will likely provide you with a “temporary urn,” which is what you receive from the crematorium.

There aren’t any standards or regulations regarding what can and can’t be an urn. The only laws that exist are ensuring funeral homes don’t force you to purchase this container from them.

You Can Rent an Urn for the Funeral Service

If you plan to purchase a unique urn for your loved one’s remains, it may not make it to you in time for the funeral, especially if you order it online. However, most funeral homes will let you rent an urn to use during the service. This is going to help you avoid the hassle of having to pay for expedited shipping.

Consider Urn Capacity Not External Size

One of the main questions people have when purchasing an urn is what size they need to purchase. Usually, the inquiry is asked about the urn’s measurements. However, what you really need to know is the capacity. Many modern urns include decorative accents, exterior dimensions, or edges, making it difficult to determine how much will actually fit inside.

The capacity of the urn will be measured in cubic inches. Standard urns typically measure around 200 cubic inches. This is going to hold the remains of someone who weighs up to 200 pounds.

Be sure to consider the size you need carefully, and the weight of the person who has been cremated to purchase an urn that will be large enough.

Purchasing an Urn

Knowing the facts and information listed here will help you make the right decision when it is time to purchase an urn. Keep this in mind to avoid purchasing something you don’t need or want. Also, knowing the facts will ensure you get the right size urn for your needs.