What to do with ashes?

Cremations are now an increasingly accepted choice for families that have lost a loved one. The cremation process reduces the deceased’s ashes into a fine, white powder, either buried in a cemetery or scattered. If you have an urn containing the remains of a loved one, there are many things you can do with them that will bring comfort to you and keep your loved one’s memory alive.

Choose an Urn

Ashes urns are containers that you can use to keep the ashes of your loved ones. There are differences in ashes urns based on the material that they’re made out of and their construction. 

They are usually made of ceramic, bronze, or porcelain. The urns are designed with a flat base for easy placement into the niche, crypt, or columbarium. You can also find some constructed from aerospace-grade aluminum to ensure that they are impervious to water and air.

Scatter the Ashes

There is no specific method in which to scatter ashes and no set rules. The only important part of the process is to ensure you dispose of them in a respectful and considerate manner. However, if the site you want to scatter them on is privately owned, obtain permission from the landowners. 

Some local councils allow ashes to be scattered by relatives out on the beach, although some have rules which are against this. You can choose to scatter the ashes on top of a mountain, in the middle of an ocean, near a tree, or even by a milestone.

Make Jewelry from Ashes

If you lose someone very close to you, one of the most loving tributes you can give them is using their cremated remains as jewelry. It allows you to honor and recognize the past and present of a loved one. 

Using the memories you shared, transform their ashes into an heirloom—such as a ring, pendant, or necklace. They are beautiful reminders of lost loved ones, and they serve as a lovely piece of adornment that will bring beauty into your life every time you wear them!

Set the Ashes into Fireworks

Sending off your loved ones in a blaze of glory is sure to make them smile. By plugging ashes into fireworks, you give your loved one away to light up the sky literally. Fireworks have a powerful visual effect, ignite a sense of awe or excitement, and can be a fitting tribute to someone who meant a lot to you. With a range of different fireworks available, it’s easy to select meaningful displays.