3D Inlay Techniques on Ceremonial Urns

As part of our collection of beautiful ceremonial containers and memorial urns, our 3d inlay patterns are among our most popular sellers.


These tasteful urns and boxes are made with quality and craftsmanship that speaks to the legacy of older times, and are a great way to honor an individual who is being laid to rest in a new and innovative way.


3d Inlay Build


Looking at these ceremonial urns, you'll see the way that the sharp lines and defining contours of the 3D inlays add to the visual appeal of the container.


Some people describe it as a sort of “shadowbox” design – like the antique shadow boxes you may see in an antique store or flea market, these urns have special cutout patterns that stand off from the surface to present a compelling visual result.


You can see also that some color is in play, with the natural tones of the wood and different types of stains that add more than a monochrome pattern. 


Quality Hardware


Adding to those kinds of specialized construction, we have quality hardware and design that people want in a high-end ceremonial container.


That means clasps and hinges that are manufactured to a particular standard, and installed with precision for long-term use. It means that everything about these products is going to be top-tier and really targeted toward what these are being used for, which is to honor a loved one or family member in a profound and dignified way. 


Take a look at these and all the other visual styles of ceremonial urns in our catalog. You can see a lot more on the rest of the website, too. You can see more about some of our inspirational themes, or our lines of companion urns that express a relationship that someone had while alive.

Some of these style and design choices can be blended with concept choices to give you exactly the right type of ceremonial urn that you will treasure for a long time!

The memorial field is experiencing big changes, and part of that change is the emergence of these new kinds of memorial urns and engravings. What used to be chiseled on a large piece of granite is now often presented on the side of a beautiful wooden box or other memorial container for posterity.

Browse the site and let us know what your family needs. We are here to help you prepare for the event of a loved one’s passing.