A Special Container

At Celebration Urns, we are established in making some of the best memorial urns around, on the philosophy that when it's time to arrange for these types of purchases, you want something that's going to be really special.


An urn, in that sense, is not just a ‘box’ or a decorative vase or a simple storage component. It's something that's going to hold something of enormous value, of much more value than its physical material. Think about it, and you see how important it is to provide quality for this very specialized type of funeral product. 


That's really something to think about in our line of business, and a critical idea for any time you're trying to make one of these purchases. These are often emotional and impactful times, too, which everyone has to keep in mind.


So how do you provide a wealth of choices for the bereaved and for decisions that are going to be important for years to come? 


Decorative Choices


Thinking about this, you have some good decorative choices when it comes to getting the perfect memorial or funereal urn. 


One is simple wood engraving or etching. These designs are made to look good on the side of an urn, and come in many different forms, for example, the religious icons and ceremonial figures that many want for these memorial containers. Then there are nature designs, monogrammed designs, and much more. In some ways we think of our design team as like the old engravers, who had a catalog of designs that they had built, to put on stone work


Honoring Military Service


Other urns have specific systems built in to honor a person's military record.


This is done according to convention and the tradition of military history. Some of these also have spots for a portrait or picture of the person in question.


So again, instead of just a basic repository, you have something that is essentially ‘custom-built’ or specially selected or chosen for a particular family's needs.


Since cremation is becoming an ever more popular trend in funereal arrangement, that makes it all the more important to have urns and containers that are up to a family’s standards.


Keep in mind, you’re replacing a labor-intensive and expensive system of installing large granite headstones in a memorial ground or cemetery.


The business of honoring someone's passing is one invested with a great deal of emotional impact. Take a look at the catalog for more on this type of resource for your memorial and funeral arrangements.