Considerations with Engraved Urns

Here at Celebration Urns USA, we offer a wide spectrum of options for families and the bereaved to select a memorial container that works for their needs. Make sure you see all of our categories including 3d inlay urns, budget urns, etc. 

 We are able to accomplish this type of store through federal agencies ruling that mortuaries and funeral homes must allow for third-party purchase of urns and ceremonial containers. It’s a sort of antitrust protection for consumers, and it’s important. 

 So to that end, we have a range of models including affordable urns and visual urns, items made out of wood, metal and other materials

 We also have the capacity to custom engrave urns. 

 Engraving Text Length

 We offer up to three lines of text, with up to 35 characters per line. This allows for a name as well as an epitaph, and a properly written eulogy for one who has been laid to rest in this way. It's generally sufficient for most of those who come to us with engraving requests, and can be combined with some sort of visual memorial as well.


 We offer block, block italic, and script for text engraving fonts. See which one looks best with your intended project. 

 Urn Build

 As mentioned, different parts of our catalog have ceremonial containers made in different ways. Some are boxes with a flip-top design, while others have a system of screws that are used to open the container, to install ashes


The bottom line is that giving families choices leads to better management of funeral processes and handling the concerns that come up when dealing with a deceased loved one.


 We’re proud to be part of that effort, and want to be helpful to families who are in a trying and emotional stage of their life. Buying decisions shouldn't have to be a major stress in these kinds of situations. And again, choice is a fundamental opportunity for people to feel better about what they purchase. 

That's part of what's behind the e-commerce platform that we operate here. You might or might not have a shop in your community that has commensurate types of products – but if you don't, you can always get high quality items from us. Be sure to take a look at the various categories of products and read the blog to find out more about how we design these ceremonial urns for longevity and a great impression.