Meaningful Celebration Of Life Ideas

More and more people have chosen to host a celebration of life service instead of a traditional funeral after losing a loved one in recent years. A celebration of life can provide family and friends healing through an incredibly cathartic process. An honored tradition that helps complete the circle of life, a celebration of life service promotes healing through remembering happy times and honoring the life of the loved one who has passed. 

While there is no right or wrong way to plan a celebration of life service, an essential thing to remember is that the service should be focused on the life of your loved one. In addition to the inclusions of pictures, videos, and speakers at the service, you may want to make your loved one's celebration of life a truly unique and memorable experience. 

We've collected some of the most potent celebrations of life ideas to inspire your planning of your loved one's unique service. 

Life Out Loud

If your loved one had a particular interest or hobby that they enjoyed spending time doing, you could use this as inspiration for planning a memorable celebration of life service. Maybe your loved one was an avid golfer or loved to meet with friends for regular coffee in the mornings; any interest or hobby can be the perfect inspiration for the celebration of life service. You may consider having the service at this specific location or incorporating the ideas into the service itself as a theme. By focusing on interests and hobbies, you are sure to honor your loved one in a meaningful way. 

Life Grows On

An excellent way to honor a loved one is by planting a tree or a garden as a memorial to their life. Planting trees and flowers has always been a popular symbolic way of honoring the circle of life, which brings hope and healing through the promise of continued growth. A meaningful celebration of life service can include the designation of a unique garden or orchard in your loved one's name or simply the act of providing guests with flowers to be planted at home in remembrance of their friend and family member. 

Spreading Ashes

While some families prefer to keep their loved one's urn in a place of honor, others find that spreading their ashes in a natural setting is deeply healing. If your loved one had a favorite place such as the beach, a river, or overlooking a mountainside, consider planning a celebration of life service that includes spreading their ashes at this place. Friends and family can gather and provide support for each other as they honor the lives of their loved ones and release their ashes together.

Final Thoughts

A celebration of life service is a profoundly personal event that is intended to honor and celebrate the life and connections of your loved one. If you keep the focus of this service on honoring the departed, it will be a cathartic and memorable experience.